Discover How to Step into the Starring Role of Your Life

The frustration many people are facing in today’s world comes the fact they’re actually playing a supporting role in their lives instead of the main character. This is often due to them fulfilling roles others expect them to play, which means many of their personal needs may go un-met.

For clarity, stepping into the main character of your life doesn’t mean your life suddenly becomes perfect – what it means is that your life is being lived from a perspective that is true to who you are at a soul level.

So, if you’re frustrated with the life you have now, it’s time to draft a new script that focuses on your truth, your passions, and all that you love. Once you begin to live your life in this way, you become empowered to lead a life that really fulfils you, as well as one that creates a positive impact on those around you.

Because, ultimately, that’s the type of life we all have the potential to live!

​When you start to peel away the layers of your life that do not serve you or create discontentment, you start taking steps closer towards the starring role you were truly meant to live.

The challenge that most people have, however, is they’re unaware of how to begin taking those first few steps that will ultimately cast them into that leading role.

At the Academy of Conscious Creators, our coaching will help you to;

  • Start reorienting your thoughts so your mind focuses more on want you want and less on what you don’t want
    • This re-scripting of your mental and emotional energy is the way to propel you towards your goals more quickly
  • Reclaim your power so you begin directing life instead of life directing you
    • Together we’ll help you build a “no excuses” mentality
  • Take back command and develop a deeper understanding of your emotional responses
    • You’ll discover how to break old subconscious patterns of behaviour that have been secretly holding you back for so long

Simon was struggling with anxiety which was affecting work and home life…

“I chose to work with Victoria after I’d tried getting help from the NHS and privately, neither of which seemed to fit. Working with Victoria has given me a better understanding of my thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. She provided me with coping tools to help me overcome the issues, as well as the belief that I can change my thought process; that there is light at the end of the tunnel; and that success is achievable. Victoria brings a wonderful smile and made me feel more positive and confident that I could succeed. Her whole approach is unique and she showed me how negative thought processes can be reframed positively, without fear.”

Manish was struggling to balance day-to-day issues…

“Victoria is an amazing coach. She is patient and insightful as well as a champion for the person she is coaching. Coaching with her became a game changer for me and we covered an enormous amount, keeping me on track with my goals as well as navigating day to day life issues. I would describe her as wise, succinct, caring and passionate and would highly recommend her to anyone considering coaching.”

Miriam was feeling unmotivated…

“Coaching with Victoria has been and continues to be a life-changing experience for me. I would recommend her to anyone who is truly searching for deep meaningful change in their life. Victoria has helped me to take charge of my own life while also working on my motivation and self-love which is no easy task, but with her guidance, I have made amazing progress. I am beyond grateful to have found her and hopeful for the path I have ahead of me.”

To begin creating the new story of the life you truly want to live, follow these 3 simple steps…

1. Book a FREE 30-minute consultation  2. Have an experiential session 3. Create the story of your life 
Discover if we’re a good mutual fit Get a feel for how the creation process works Sign up to our Discover program or choose a class that best fits you


A Transformational Coaching Experience Delivered With Empathy

We know how it feels to be going through the daily churn of life without any real fun and enjoyment being present, because you’re only doing what you do so you can meet your responsibilities.

​We also understand that following this path of “because I have to/should do”, often leads to feelings of demoralisation, resentment, and frustration.

​And we’re sure that’s not a destination you want to end up at!

​At the Academy of Conscious Creators, we know you’re the kind of person who wants to feel back in control of your life and be using your attributes and skills to enrich not only your day-to-day experiences, but also the lives of those around you.

For you to move into that state of being, you need a transformational roadmap that will lead from where you are now and towards your destination goal.

The problem for most people in this position is they have the transformational desire but lack the know-how, and this can make you feel frustrated and disempowered.

And it’s our firm belief that whenever someone has this desire and we can help them achieve that, it’s our duty to step up and offer the assistance need.

We understand how crushing it can be to feel as if you’re life is just on a hamster wheel, or simply not creating the level of impact you know it can create!

That’s exactly why we created a system of coaching with tools specifically designed to help you switch life tracks quickly and decisively…

So, what’s your story?


Take a look at the transformational classes we offer to see which resonates with you most, or contact us if you have any further questions.

It’s time to create the new story of your life!