The Creation Code

Creation Code

As Albert Einstein said… “Doing what you’ve always done and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity”. And as The Academy of Conscious Creators said… “Taking responsibility for your response-ability is the key to rapid transformation”. Now, it’s not often we get to have our name cited alongside Einstein (well – actually, it … Read more

Your Security Lies Within NOT Without

Security comes from within

The past 15 months of coping with Covid in the UK has been a roller coaster ride to say the least, and I know it’s been the same in many other parts of the world too. Lockdown and the pandemic have delivered death, grief, and the inability to mourn, they’ve resulted in the loss of … Read more

Who’s really behind the Covid-19 mask?

As a species, we’re a very complicated set of beings. Not only is the human body a marvel in its own right, and a creation which houses arguably the most powerful computer ever created – your brain; we’re also composed of another aspect that is still largely a mystery to us. That aspect, is of … Read more